Author: Rene Simpson

5 Autumn Fashion Statements

This season, when you think about autumn, you might think about the colours being darker, a lot more muted. There are still some bright colours available, but they are restricted to the summer months – and that is great news for fair-minded men everywhere. Here, we look at 5 autumn fashion statements that will brighten up anyone’s gloomy day along with the days ahead of him.

Classic Light greys

Greys are a popular choice for this autumn. Yet many men will still be lashing out at any opportunity to wear a full white. Therefore, a great solution for those who want to add a Bright colour to their wardrobes without much hassle is to choose a darker grey first. When wearing a darker grey, you can team it with more bright colours – the lime green or the baby pink or yellow that are perfect for this time of year.

Modern Colours

We all have this year’s colours stashed away, hidden under the bed, and waiting for a good excuse to wear them. This autumn, you can choose from a wide range of colours that will liven up your wardrobe and please your even more reasonable colleagues.

Chilean red, a colour that never seems to go out of fashion, is a feistier option than traditional silver or gold. You can try brighter colours to break up your traditional blues; tartan is a classic colour and will look good at all times, but is especially good for those men who like to have thicker curls.

A good check-in your favour, for anyone in professional corporate America, is if you can find a business shirt in any of these colours, you’ve found a gem. Plus, the longer the colour, the better – you don’t want to be stuck wearing fairly limitless dark blues next autumn.


Not only tartan, if you are planning to invest in a corporate suit or corporate tweed jacket you should consider tartan. Ever since the very first TV remake of The Lord of the Rings and the especially grumpy release of Harry Potter – the Potterench has been a strong favourite among consumers. Designers are taking inspiration from such a fantastic phenomenon and creating some of the most fabulous shades ever.

Styles for apt for both ambience and ambience are plenty. For the business casual affair consider a checked style, for instance, a jumper for three buttoned pockets and a wrap-around jacket would look absolutely fabulous.

They are also fantastic for the evening; a wedding is a gorgeous event for a lot of people and would be perfect for a highland. In fact, you would look amazing in a pair of Barbour jackets and a pair of long, cropped un Bolt-on-shirt and a pair of leather shoes. They are not a bad investment for your investment.

Patches and patches began to be popular about ten years ago, with even the designs for certain types of T-shirts. When investing in a corporate T-shirt or an EveningThinkicolour shirt by the patch, consider the stylist or the colours you want -, consider violet for instance.

A good corporate logo suit is not a bad investment either – many suit companies will have a range of corporate clothing for corporate A or B. Think about owning at least one in black, grey or navy.

You can’t really get it right with the first corporate clothing you buy unless you know you can trust it. The jacket has to fit seamlessly and a pocket placed on the right side will create the illusion of a person having a shorter front than they actually do. Buy one size bigger and make sure it has a separate button to accommodate your trousers.

The blouse has to fit well, you cannot Recently have purchased a fantastic large size and then found the hem quite short and quite unflattering. Do not make this problem again, buy a standard size and have it adjusted in the boutique.

Shirt pockets should correspond with both the height and width of the torso. There shouldn’t be any gapping around the pockets unless your fingers are too big for the pocket itself. The top button should just meet the top of the breast. The hem of the blouse should rest just on the upper breast.

Use the trainawayIFT wardrobe system to cross your chest & waist when measuring. With clothing that has been specially designed to enhance a person’s best features, it is extremely important to not borrow this level of design, simply because you cannot see where it reaches. To cross your waist and chest, stand in front of the mirror, very upright, with your legs crossed beside each other. Atop the image, measure down from the top of the neck to the bottom of the leg. This will give you the length of the skirt that is about the same as your waist.

Over-sized or ill-fitting blouses won’t necessarily lessen your bust by getting smaller. A good bra will improve this often enough.

How to Build Your Own Bookcase

People all around the world are looking for ways to maximize the space in their homes. Whether you have a small bedroom or a large family, being able to utilize all your room gives you a sense of pride and satisfaction. There are many ways to improve the place where you live. You can add a wall of bookcases to serve this purpose nicely. Here are simple steps that can help you build your own bookcase:

Beautiful, well-crafted bookcases make a great addition to any home. When you are building your own bookcase, you can choose from a wide range of bookcase designs available on the internet or any home improvement store. It’s up to you to take the time to find a design that matches your home’s style. Once you have chosen a design, you will need to set up a blueprint so that you can remain focused and do all the other steps needed to build.

Once your blueprint is all set, you are ready to love the fruits of your labor! You can either hire an outside company to build your bookcase for you, or you can tackle this task yourself. Either way, you have taken a big step toward improving your home or apartment’s decor and improving its value.

Step 1

Your first step is to build the back of the bookcase. This will be a basic back that shows the rows of books.

Step 2

Next, make a box or rectangle-shaped back that shows the rows of spines. Cut this to fit around the shelves. Wood glue is a strong adhesive for this step. Place the box or rectangle back on the wood of your bookcase. It should surround all the books and spines.

Step 3

Sand all of the edges of your box or rectangle. Include any recessed spaces so that the shelves are flush.

Step 4

Now that you have a flat back that shows the rows of bookcases, your main step is to build a box with these bookcases. This flatback will support the rows of spines. Mark the position of the slots where you can make holes. If your bookcase has no recess spaces, drill screws into two different spots on your box to create these spots. Hold the bookcase in place with these screws and set the braces of your bookcase in place.

Step 5

Next, you are ready to apply your hardwood glue. Apply glue to all of the slots around your bookcase.

Step 6

Let the glue dry. Then use sandpaper to sand your bookcase to your desired level of finish.

Step 7

Once your bookcase is completely sanded, you are ready to apply the stain. Apply the stain with a rag evenly across your bookcase and stain all the display areas. All over the top of the bookcase, as well as over the sides. Use sandpaper to smooth out the stain so that it blends very naturally on the bookcase.

Step 8

Once the stain is on the bookcase, let it dry for a while, and apply a couple of coats of polyurethane to protect your bookcase and make it look beautiful.

Step 9

Once the polyurethane dries, put all of your hardware back on. Buy a couple of cans of adhesive that you can use to apply the support panels to the shelving inside the bookcase.

Step 10

Now that the bookcase is finished, you can add various knobs to create the feel of a Victorian-style bookcase.